Leak Photo Gallery

A visual insight on various leak example.Which photo looks similar to your situation encountered??
1. inter-floor leak. mineral formation by leaking water..jpg
2. inter-floor leak. water droplets formed..jpg
3. inter-floor leak. menbrane failure and ceiling damaged..jpg
4. inter-floor leak. poor gully inter-joint..jpg
5. inter-floor leak. waterproofing flood infusion method..jpg
6. leak water soak wall. wires shorted and power trip..jpg
7. exterior sunshade seepage. partition wall damaged..jpg
8. dye injection at bath. dye exit and water tunnel found..jpg
9. dye injection at wall hole. dye exit at cement in gully..jpg
10. dye injection at wall tiles above.  dye exit indicating leak water tunnel..jpg
11. bath tub below water ponding. leak damage to downstairs..jpg
12. drain pvc pipe crack. seepage at  waterproofing menbrane  joint..jpg
13. conceal pipe behind cabinet leak. cabinet damaged..jpg
14. wall embedded basin drain pipe leak. water exit into living hall..jpg
15. water ponding behind marble wall. leak and dried up mineral formation..jpg
16. inter-floor leak. damage to downstairs timber floor..jpg
17. water pipe leak inside pipe chamber. flooding into downstairs neighbour..jpg
18. glass panel seepage.  timber strip warped..jpg
19. sewer pipe leak. worn out rubber seal..jpg
20. sewer pipe leak at glued joint(blue colour). ceiling board damaged..jpg
21. waste pipe cover leak. ceiling damaged..jpg
22. copper pipe corrosion. ceiling damaged..jpg
23. leak to external wall. paint work damaged..jpg
24. grill abandon drill hole.  balcony railing leak to downstairs balcony..jpg
25. balcony railing leak from upstairs. calcium formation at balcony..jpg
26. waste metal drain pipe corrosion. leak to downstairs..jpg
27. drain grating choked and ponding. leak to master bedroom ceiling..jpg
28. building conceal drain pipe cracked. pond rain water leak into apartment..jpg
29. external building seepage. rain water entry into toilet..jpg
30. sky light glass roof leak. waterproof membrane, concrete & silicon failure..jpg
31. flat roof leak. torn waterproof membrane & concrete crack..jpg
32. aircon ledge leak to external wall. plant roots tore up membrane..jpg
33. external wall crack lines. rain leak into apartment..jpg
34. external glass panel leak.  wet ceiling encourages fungi growth..jpg
35. inter-floor leak. false ceiling mould growth..jpg
36. rubbish chute leak when washed. poor development workmanship..jpg
37. under ground pipe leak.  root damage pipe and flooding in garden..jpg
38. condo water feature leak. menbrane(white) bubbled up..jpg
39. roof gutter joint leak. rain damage false ceiling..jpg
40. aircon pipes sweating. wall & ceiling  damaged..jpg