Leak can happen anytime affecting your property and/or neighbour's property. It is important to detect leak early to minimise costly damages to the interior of your home such as ceiling, timber floor, cabinets, walls, etc.

Leak water can travel some distance before it exit. Only experienced leak professionals can pin-point the problem accurately and not use "Trial & Error" approach to stop the leak temporarily.It is important for customer to understand what we offer, our solution & our repair method. Our result is a permanent fix that comes with a warranty against leak.

Our company uses different leak repair methods & tested proven material to repair different type of leak. As far as we are aware of, we are the only waterproofing company that uses waterproofing dye injection to trace the leak water tunnel.

Our Hallmark

  • Expertise to locate the leak source accurately.
  • Simulate the leak situation with waterproofing liquid dye.
  • Explain clearly the problem, solution & repair process.
  • Use proven & quality waterproofing repair material.
  • Offer warranty on repairs for peace of mind & customer's satisfaction.

Our Team

  • Well trained with specialized skills & experiences.
  • Process sharp eyes for details to trace & spot leak.
  • Analytical approach to pin-point leak source & water channel.
  • Execute detailed & fine workmanship on repairs.
  • Able to solve complex leak where others failed.